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TBT-Drake Leather LTD

Drake Leather Limited

Throw Back Thursday

Curated by Caleb Hyslop

In this week’s ‘Throw Back Thursday’ I would like to talk about a special local shop in Dunedin.

This week’s TBT goes to a local shop at the heart of Dunedin called Drake Leather. Drake Leather has been creating high-quality handmade leather purses, belts and satchels for 43 years. The design is very sophisticated and robust. Even after more than four decades, the owner says he is still learning. I think this is a sign of a true master in any craft.

Luxury cruise ship passengers, connoisseurs of epicurean finery and lovers of all things made to last appreciate the range of excellent quality products on offer. Those with a nose to know will be drawn to Drake Leather by the unmistakable scent of quality leather from half a city block away. Unlike so many of the cheap knockoffs made from inferior composite leather which degrades quickly, a patron of Drake Leather has the confidence that their purchase will last the test of time.

Easy to find, just 5-10 minutes walk away from the Octagon in the city center makes it an attractive destination for visitors, tourists, and discerning locals. The products on the range make excellent gifts for special occasions such as Father’s Day, a graduation, or for a lasting souvenir. Especially complimentary to this is the personalisation of embossing that Bill Drake offers to guarantee a unique touch to your new leather treasure!