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Backyard’s Apothecary

I thought would be a great time to share about my little discovery of our very own backyard apothecary. My wonderful in-laws showed me a few different herbs that grow wild around the garden which I wasn’t aware of what an amazing benefit they all possessed.

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Diary of a high-functioning Fibromyalgia #2

So far, you’ve read my perspective on the start of my journey with Fibromyalgia. My intention in writing this is to share my unshakable belief that myself and my fellow sufferers can overcome this. I also have the desire to raise an awareness of how real this condition is and to eventually encourage more studies to be done in order to find a cure.

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Diary of a high-functioning fibromyalgia #1

First of all, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Fibromyalgia, it is a condition which makes the sufferer simultaneously feel pain from the tip of their head all the way to their toes. The intense aches and pains are generally aggravated when the sufferer hasn’t had a successful night’s sleep, by which I mean less than 4-5 hours of continuous sleep. The result of a poor night’s sleep is persistent shooting aches and pains, mostly in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Everyday you can feel as though you’ve been hit by a truck, but the hardest part of all to deal with is not knowing if this condition will ever go away, or will ever be cured. Continue reading Diary of a high-functioning fibromyalgia #1