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Having trouble to calm the precious little one? Try our handcrafted hot/cold rice pack stored inside an adorable crochet soft-toy! Temperature can be adjusted by microwaving the rice pack or storing it in a freezer to cool. Our rice pack is scented with Lavender, Aniseed, and Chamomile infused oil to promote peaceful sleep.

If you are thinking of sending a gift, we can arrange gift wrapping along with a personalised note.

Hand made by Jess from the most beautiful land of New Zealand.

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Request a custom handcrafted hot/cold rice pack soft toy of your choice.
Any wildlife animals, mythical creatures, and famous characters starts from $75/each toy.


  • Hot/Cold rice pack is made from brown rice with a few drops of Lavender, Aniseed and Chamomile infused essential oil. (You can choose to have plain rice pack or essential oils of your choice, please leave a note at the payment process if you want one of these extra options*.) The pouch is made from 100% cotton cloth so it is safe to microwave or freeze.
    Caution: Only use a microwave to heat. Heat no more than 1 minute! Never leave rice pack unattended when heating to avoid fire hazard.
  • Soft-toy is be made from acrylic, cotton and/or wool on some parts of the body.
    Caution: Please remove the hot/cold rice pack from the soft-toy before heating! This material is not safe in microwaves.

*See the simple process in the image below.

Soft-toy can be washed by hand or machine on COLD WASH only!

  • Caution: Please remove the hot/cold rice pack from the soft-toy before washing.

Instructions for washing will be included.

Custom Request Order
Please specify your order as follow: [animal/character of your choice] Soft Toy, [animal/character of your choice] HOT/COLD pack soft toy, or any wearable objects of your choice. Please do not hesitate to let me know what other variation you would like to order.
Other colors are available on request.

Additional information

Weight 0.153 kg
Dimensions 27 × 10 × 4 cm
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Wildlife Animal soft toy, Mythical Character, Famous Character


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