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Originality is Overrated

Why is originality has become so overstated?

“…design thinking with a context creates impact!”

I used to thrive for originality in everything that I do and create. Later in life, I discovered that being original isn’t always the best way to go. I see too many designers are hustling their way into inventing or creating new ideas when the originality of it isn’t actually achieved at the end. The thing of ideas and creations are long established in human civilizations for decades. So, instead of approaching innovations through new creations, we could build upon the well established basic ideas. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not entirely against new inventions. I think they are great when you can achieve the unicorn idea. The problem with that is, it is so rare and difficult to accomplished. I am merely emphasizing the 

Have a look at the Japanese brilliant inventions, they are truly the world’s leading design pioneer. Their creations are almost always presented very neatly, fresh, and mostly functional and efficient. (Alright, not ALL of them are, but you get the idea!)

I have had the privilege of working and studying amongst the brightest-minded designers, brilliant artists, and ever-so-engaging scientists in New Zealand and I can’t stress enough the importance of including the users/customers into your design ideas before releasing any kind of products into the market. It’s been far too often that I ended up chucking away a cheaply designed product that is too hard to use or don’t serve its purpose as well as its intended.

Let’s be mindful of our end-users because they are the ones who created the demands of product markets. Without the users, a product has no value or purpose in itself. Somebody taught me a very important lesson today, “…design thinking with a context creates impact!”. 

If you like to discuss more this topic with me, feel free to contact me. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. 



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