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How to save your Rotring Fine tips from clogging

I have a beautiful set of Rotring graphic fine tip pens (Variant II) which I got when I was in High School. I have never had the luck of using it because it was already clogged when I first try using it. Decades later, I still have it with me hoping that I could save it one day.

Today is the day that I finally had the chance to redeem myself. So, I thought I should share it with the world, because there may be people out there who are still out of luck trying to save their Rotring pens. 

The beauty of these pens is that they have an in-built pump just in between the nip and the cartridge chamber. Once we unclogged the pump, the pen should work beautifully for years. I have tried googling on how to clean these pens but there aren’t that many useful ones for the Variant II. So here’s my way of cleaning them.

To begin, you want to disassemble all the removable parts. There is a bit just before the nib that needs to be removed to expose the mechanism around the pump


You can twist it with your hand or removing the cap on the top of the lid by pressing the button until the cap comes off the lid. Then use it as leverage.

Once, these are removed, dunk the nibs into a bowl of warm water. Or if you have the Rotring Cleaning Solution, you can use that. I used warm water and it works perfectly. Leave them submerged under water overnight.


Next, shake the nib to feel if the pump has been free of clogs. You can even hear it swishing about inside the nib head as you shaking it.. Once you achieve that, take a piece of paper towel, holding the nib head with the nib facing upwards and continuously dab it on top of the paper towel. This can get really messy, I suggest you protect the table underneath the paper towels with something solid, like the lid of a plastic ice cream tub when you do this. The remaining ink should come out of the nib nicely and make sure to dry them before assembly.


Use the paper towel to remove excess water from the pump area of the nib.


Make sure the cartridge chambers are free of ink inside by washing it under running water.


Then, you can start refilling the cartridge chambers with Rotring ink.


Assemble the pen back and begin shaking the pen forward and backward. You should now have a perfectly working fine tip pen. 🙂



I hope you enjoy my post today.

Happy drawing!