My Story

My childhood was filled with various forms of art, including traditional Indonesian as well as western-influenced sewing, knitting, cross-stitching, dress-making, illustrating, photography, and music. My parents are two respected dentists who are highly creative and have mathematically-oriented minds. I have been blessed with their most valuable inheritance such as artistic flair and a constructive mindset.

After graduating with a Diploma in Multimedia from Natcoll in Auckland, I have donated most of my time and energy towards providing graphic design materials for family and friends, overseas event posters, and business start-ups. This has evolved and developed into contributions to the wider community, spanning web design, traditional and digital illustrations, photography and merchandising.

When I’m not working I prefer reading and listening to a wide range of music genres, though Jazz and Rock have always been my top listening choices. At my home, I love watching animals interacting with each other through my kitchen window. They never fail to put a smile on my face. It is a blessing to be living in such a beautiful place like New Zealand, but I also love exploring other countries. It fascinates me to see how different cultures have influence over the architectural and economic structures in places throughout the world.


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