My Story

Hi, I’m Jess. Welcome to my website!

JAZZSIGN© is a colloquial word I made for describing my tendency to jazz things up as I create in a variety of disciplines. One can say, it is my way of representing my style of designing. I have an experimental and spontaneous design process, which I enjoy so much that I often lose track of time.

I gained my Diploma of Multimedia Design at Natcoll Design Technology in Auckland, and am currently furthering my studies in Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic. Through my years of training in multi-disciplinary design practices, I have had the privilege of working with numerous clients from diverse backgrounds. Projects undertaken include logo design, printing design, product design, greeting and invitation cards, web design, digital advertising, and pixel art animation. I also keep myself busy by crocheting soft toys and wearable products, all of which can be purchased from my gift shop, ‘Project Hook©’.

I have always loved to create items out of diverse materials. When I was young I wanted a wallet but I didn’t have a lot of money; I search around the house for some material to make my own wallet. Using colored cardstock and some velcro strips I made my wallet. Not realizing what a good job I had done, I was surprised at how impressed my schoolmates were with this unique craft idea. I ended up selling a lot to my friends at school. Through this, I was able to upgrade my wallet a few weeks later. Woohoo!


When I’m not working I prefer reading and listening to a wide range of music genres, though Jazz and Rock have always been my top listening choices. At my home, I love watching animals interacting with each other through my kitchen window. They never fail to put a smile on my face. It is a blessing to be living in such a beautiful place like New Zealand, but I also love exploring other countries. Travelling is one of my favorite things. It’s fascinating to see how different cultures have influence over the architectural and economic structures in places throughout the world.


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