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God, Girls and Guns

May: Ariella (the lioness of God)

I have decided to take on a personal challenge to create one illustration per month, as a practice in implementing the skills I’ve learned through my study in design.The illustration series is called “God, Girls, and Guns”. I specifically chose these elements to portray the current state of certain political and social issues of today. I by no means intend to spark any persuasive argument or to offend anybody, but am simply creating a medium to encourage my viewers to look beyond the aesthetic value of the art. I just want to raise questions and starting research about these topics.

AriellaAriella is a just warrior who fights for what is right and good. She is fierce yet graceful. Her name means, “Lioness of God”, because she fears no evil. She doesn’t boast about her femininity nor does she mock the masculinity of men.


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