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Diary of a High-Functioning Fibromyalgia [FINAL]

Good day, everyone!

This is going to be the last entry for my ‘High-functioning Fibromyalgia’ blog series! Thank you, Lord! So let me tell you how I escaped from a devastating condition called Fibromyalgia. For those who hadn’t been reading my previous posts, fibromyalgia is a condition which made my entire body simultaneously in pains. There are days when the aches and pains are so great, I have to stay in bed all day with no energy, brain fog, and the worse part is the inability to communicate effectively (I was scrambling for words pretty much every second I get. English being my second language doesn’t help it either). The presence of this condition in my life has definitely changed me from the person that I knew. People around me who knew me noticed how much I have changed and unable to speak in an articulate manner.

In my own journey of managing fibromyalgia, I met at least about three people in my life who are currently still suffering from fibromyalgia. It broke my heart to see how common this condition is amongst New Zealanders.

This life experience had been an inspiration for me to study the condition even more. It angers me to see so many Fibromyalgia patients are not getting the treatment they deserve. They are not even promised with a way out of their predicament. Nobody I’ve met who have described to me their fibromyalgic symptoms predicts or even have any form of suspicion that this condition will hit them later in their life. For the most part, I have met the most proactive, productive and generous people who are now battling their way out of fibromyalgia. So, it became clear to me how crucial my mission help these people has become.

If you want to read more about my journey of living with fibromyalgia. Here are the quick links:

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If you feel moved by my story and want to get involved in the design process for creating a technology that can help fibromyalgia patients, please get in touch with me here.


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