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Diary of a High-Functioning Fibromyalgia #3

When I was waiting to pick up my prescription medicines at the pharmacy, I saw that the supplement products were on sale. So I thought I might stock up on Magnesium and Pro-biotic while I’m there. I know how expensive they can be, especially on those trustworthy brands such as Nutra-Life and Go Health. There I consulted with one of the staff on the different types of Magnesium (Mg) content in the generic Mg supplements offered at the store. The helpful staff confirmed that the best kind are Mg amino acids chelate/glycenate, Mg oxide, and Mg orotate/orotic acid. Mg aspartate is one of the most common kind sold at the counter but this type of Mg may cause irritation to the stomach. Aspartate are also found to be the least effective kind because generally only 50% of the magnesium is absorbed into the body and the rest get excreted before the body can absorb it.

so I thought I should show you the Mgsupplement of my choice for a reference. I am not saying that this is the best one out of all, but I want to show where to look when deciding which Mg supplement product you are after. I particularly have digestive issues since I was little so Nutra-Life’s Mg is by far the best choice for me.


While discussing on the choice of supplements, I was advised to try the CoQ10 enzyme supplement also. Though there hadn’t been a lot of study behind it, it is by far one of the nutrients which Fibromyalgia patients seems to have deficient from, along with iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, D and many more. The staff kindly handed me a couple of CoQ10 samples for me to try at home. It is known that the effect of CoQ10 takes about 5 days when taken daily with food. So I will report again next week on this.

I must also indicate the importance of consulting your supplement dosage with your doctors. Taking too much Mg can result in stomach upsets and change in bowel movements, so please be advised.

If you live in New Zealand, make sure you take advantage of this great promotion at your local LIFE pharmacies. Don’t miss out on their BUY 2 get 1 FREE sale on either Nutra-Life and Go Health products, you can get them at the store or through convenient online shop here.

Read more about CoQ10 on Fibromyalgia patients here.

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Take care everybody.